25 exciting activities to keep your children busy at home

25 exciting activities to keep your children busy at home

Hello everyone.

by now many of us have already spent quite some time in the home office and it will continue.

I would like to leave the business on one side now and be useful in other ways. And so I have written an eBook that can help all our colleagues, friends and acquaintances working in the home office to counteract the stresses at home and to make the time spent together with the children more relaxed with interesting activities, or at least more endurable. Naturally, for us social beings, in the long run, all this is a huge burden, both for parents and children. Our own capability to manage stress and have resilience may very quickly reach their limits.

I hope that when your own ideas run out, these 25 activities will provide a lot of fun and a good atmosphere and therefore contribute to the cohesion and wellbeing of your families.

Even if you do not have children now, please think of your colleagues, friends and acquaintances.
Just forward this eBook to all the parents you know and contribute to the well-being of the families – please use your social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.

Thank you, all the best and stay/get well soon.

Ulf Brackmann

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Ulf Brackmann (Editor)
Ulf Brackmann (Editor)